Save your Dad, he's worth it
Charity No 1200028
Mansion House Chambers
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Helpline 0800 774 7560
Take your head out of the sand and get checked
Save your Dad, he's worth it
Helpline 0161 474 8222
Take your head out of the sand and get checked

Who we are

Prostate Cancer Support is a charity first established 20 years ago. It is a patient-led charity, run exclusively by volunteers for prostate cancer patients and their families. Different than many other charities, we operate with a minimum rent, small office and one part-time employee who, very kindly, works 4 hours a week on a very low wage. We intend to maintain this way of operating focussing any expenditure on benefitting prostate cancer patients and their families.

There are four main elements to what we do:

Support Groups

If you’ve just been diagnosed with prostate cancer, there can be nothing better than talking to people who have ‘been there’.  Every group consists of friendly men and women who have been affected by Prostate Cancer and who will welcome you and share their experiences.  If you would like further information, or just want to talk to us, please call us on the helpline number above. The Helpline number is usually answered by a Prostate Cancer Patient. Alternatively find a local group by entering your postcode below or use our interactive map and give them a call.

Our helpline

Just diagnosed?; anxious?; want information?; want to talk to someone who’s ‘been there’

Just give us a call on the helpline number at the head of this page.

The lines are manned by patient volunteers 9.00amto 9.00pm every day

Prostate Cancer Awareness

We do this in three main ways:

We set up awareness stands at local establishments

We deliver awareness talks at your location.  They are free-of-charge so please email on or call us to arrange.

One of our trustees is Chris Perry.  Chris together with George Porter hold Phil Collins and George Michael tribute concerts to raise awareness and funds for our Charity. Tap on the logo below and you’ll see just how good they are.  

Prostate Cancer Testing

As 80% of men with early prostate cancer have no symptoms, prostate cancer testing (PSA testing – a simple blood test) is important.  If you are over 50 you should be able to have this test at your GP surgery but as this is not always possible, we work closely with The Graham Fulford Charitable Trust.  Tap on the logo below and you will see the list of events they have planned.  It’s easy to sign up but if you have any problems, please give them a call they are fantastically helpful. If you want to arrange specific testing for your organisation, again, give them a call.

Prostate Cancer Support makes every effort to ensure that this website reflects up-to-date, objective and accurate facts about prostate cancer. It is our hope that these will complement your medical advice and help you to make any decisions that you may face.  

The information provided on this website is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that may exist between you and your doctor. 

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